CFFC: My bed and chair

When the humans who adopted me came to the shelter, it was lucky that I was spending time in the office! My bed was on a chair and a human started petting me and scratching around my neck.  I closed my eyes and purred contentedly.

Katy with Hazel at CARE shelter

The female human couldn’t make up her mind which cat to adopt. I don’t think she’d even seen me!  But the male human who had been petting me said, “I want this one!”

The female human looked over at me, seeing me for the first time. She came over to pet me too. They talked to the people at the shelter who told stories about me that the humans liked – about what a good mother I had been, and that made them sad – that I had been in the shelter a long time, after all my kittens were adopted, one by one. So that day, these humans decided to adopt me and take me to live with them!

Hazel playing and scratching

Now I have my own piece of furniture – this scratching post! Whenever someone comes home, I greet them and go immediately to  this spot, where I rub against the scratching post. See, it’s mine!! 

There are things I like attached to the scratching post, too: the carrot is full of catnip, which I sometimes rub against or lick, until I feel VERY content!  The leather string holds the carrot in place – the male human tied it there, and I can play with the ends that hang down. The red ribbon was left over from Christmas. I think I destroyed it, because it’s not there anymore.

The table and chair behind my scratching post belong to the humans, supposedly. The table is definitely within my territory. And the chair is mine whenever I decide to sleep on it!




CFFC: Furniture



CFFC: Legs and Feet

My cat Hazel loves to sleep on or between people’s legs! In the winter, she prefers a cozy, warm blanket to be covering the human’s legs.


If she’s very content, she’ll take a cat nap with one leg stretched out.


Sometimes she needs to have her claws clipped! Two people (at least) are required: one to hold her down and one to use the clippers.


Legs & paws are also used for stretching

IMAG2641 (2)


and for playing.




Cats are natural contortionists!

CFFC: Legs & Feet

Cee’s FFC: Pets

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets this week, here is our cat Hazel with us doing her favorite things.





Cat nap


Licking Dale’s hand


On our bed with her mouse toy


Chasing a laser light



WPC: Dinnertime

Meow! I’m Hazel and I love dinnertime – that is, HUMAN dinnertime!

I’m kind of bored with my own food, but there is always something that smells much better that my humans eat. So when I am hoping for a tidbit from their table, I sit in a very nice, polite pose, looking up at them. I sit up with my front paws together, very straight, and my tail curled behind me, like this:


My begging expression is meant to entice my humans to give me something:


Hurray! The male human is reaching down toward me with his finger – and something delectable is on it! I get nearer:


He wants me to eat the piece of meat right off his finger, but I don’t like to do that. Please put it down on the floor, I say by looking down. He insists. I might bite you, I think. But he doesn’t give in (the female human always does) so I approach, sniff, take a tentative lick….then another, and finally the morsel is in my mouth! I chew, swallow, then I’m satisfied, so I walk away…maybe to see what’s in my own food bowl.

All my cats!

Recently I was looking through some old photo albums and found pictures of two of my cats that I didn’t post before!

Here are pictures of all my cats:

Kirry (my childhood cat, died in early 1970s), breed: ManxKirryKirry was the most affectionate, “people” cat I have ever known. I sometimes told people, “He thinks he’s a dog!” He did not like dogs, however! He was the only male cat I ever had, also, but we had him neutered. Kirry was a comfort to me during my “sturm und drang” years of junior high adolescence – no matter how my day went, he was always there for affection, non-judgmental.


Joia (born 1976-died 1992 – she was my first cat as an adult, and loved only two people: me and my first husband, Fernando), breed: Manx (half – father unknown)

There are 2 pics that I scanned together. L: Joia is outside and wants to come in; R: Joia sleeping with Fernando and baby Jayme

There are 2 pics that I scanned together. L: Joia is outside and wants to come in; R: Joia sleeping with Fernando and baby Jayme

For longevity, Joia was the cat I had the longest – all of her life from 3 months on she lived with me, except for 9 months when I had to leave her with my parents while I was in Brazil. She was very scared of other people and my parents rarely saw her – she was always hiding! However, my mother said she knew Joia was there because she did eat the food she left out for her!


Blackfoot (1993-early 1994 – I had this cat for only a short while before my son developed asthma, and found out he was allergic to cats, so we had to give her away. I admit, I also had her front paws declawed, which I would never do again!), breed: Tabby

BlackfootBlackfoot was a very gregarious and affectionate cat. She had a very loud purr! She was also larger than my other cats.


Hazel (adopted 2013), breed: Tortoiseshell “Tortie”20150520_172317When we got Hazel, I was prepared for a lot of shedding – Manx cats are big shedders in the spring – but we have relatively little cat hair deposited on furniture or wherever she sleeps. Her fur is very sleek.

Hazel, 2015

Here are some recent shots of my beautiful cat, Hazel.

January: a beam of afternoon sunlight illuminated her just right to take these artistic photos of Hazel mostly in shadow.


Hazel's lighter features are enhanced by light coming in the window.

Hazel’s lighter features are enhanced by light coming in the window.

February: Contently sleeping on a favorite blanket

Hazel asleepMarch: Torties are beautiful!!


Hazel on her favorite rug

Hazel on her favorite rug

Yes, it’s an Oriental rug, which used to belong to my mother – quite expensive, I’m sure! But Hazel is a kitty with exquisite and expensive tastes!