RDP #72: Cat

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is cat. Appropriate for a cat blog! I have already reblogged one of the cat stories written for this prompt.

A  few months ago, I started noticing a cinnamon colored cat sitting on the sidewalk about 3 houses down from mine.  She was extremely friendly: I would make a friendly cat noise and she would run to me and rub against me. When I petted her, she’d lay down on the sidewalk and roll around, getting little dirt flecks from the sidewalk on her fur.  She couldn’t get enough of my attention! I worried that she would follow me and she did at first, but I turned around and firmly told her, “No, kitty! Stay there!” and she did.20180507_160321She wears a collar, and from a tag on it I found out her name is Meredith. Up to that point, she had been just “Cinnamon” to me.20180507_160142Then I stopped seeing her and I wondered if something had happened to her. To my relief, about a week ago I saw her running across the street. I miss seeing her on my walks, though!


Quintessential Cat

Nancy Merrill has a weekly photo challenge: A Photo a Week. The theme this week is quintessential. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, quintessential means perfectly typical or representative of a particular kind of person or thing.

Here are some new pictures of Hazel, our quintessential cat!


Today, sitting on the coffee table. Maybe she’s checking the time on Dale’s cell phone!



Belly rub, perhaps?



This is CLEAN laundry – Hazel never gets into the laundry basket with dirty laundry!



We were donating several jackets to Goodwill, which we piled on a chair. Of course Hazel claimed the pile as her favorite sleeping spot!


CFFC: Animals Care

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is kindness and caring. Humans aren’t the only ones who care! In Tanzania, I saw several examples of animals’ caring.


2-6 baboons along the road

Baboons groom each other.



Cheetah moms play with their cubs.



Elephant moms protect and nurse their young.



Lioness sisters rub and caress each other.


2-10 genets that reside at Ndutu Safari Lodge

Genets show affection to their mates.







CFFC: Kitties



A Christmas present, to keep the cold air out!  We tried to “freak out” our cat, Hazel, by putting this on the stairway near where she likes to jump up to look out the window. She just sniffed it briefly, jumped right over it and walked away. A friend of mine whose daughter has a kitten did the same thing, and her kitten’s reaction was “sniffed it and jumped over it.” I guess cats are too smart for a dumb trick like this!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter T – must have 2 t’s anywhere in the word.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Happy


You can always tell when cats are happy. Sometimes they purr, rub against you, smile, or show their happiness through body language. Here are some happy cats!

Rubbing and purring:


This friendly calico in Beaufort, SC, just came over and rubbed herself against Dale’s hand and purred. Obviously happy for the attention!

Relaxed and asleep in a warm nest:


A sleeping cat, nestled against human legs in a warm bed, is clearly happy! (One of my Manx cats, Joia, 1985)


I think Hazel is smiling in her sleep here!

Rubbing and purring with love for catnip:


Embracing a scratching post and rubbing against catnip makes Hazel happy (not to mention “high!”)

Purring and eyes closing in contentment and trust:


Moxie, formerly my niece’s cat, is happy with the attention given to her by her human caretaker, John.


CFFC: H is for Happy