Why a blog just about cats?

Yes, I already have a blog (amoralegria.wordpress.com). I decided to start another one dedicated to my life with cats.

I have always been a “cat person” – when I was six or seven years old, I began begging my parents for a cat. We had a loveable dog, a mostly beagle mutt, so friendly that he would be a lousy guard dog because if burglars had come to our house, he would have wagged his tail hoping to be petted! My household job was to feed and walk the dog. I did these things, but with some impatience.

I still wanted a cat.

I was eight or nine when we got our first cat (that is, the first in my lifetime). I spent years with a cat in my life, followed by years without one before welcoming another into my life. Last month, on the day after Christmas, our family adopted a cat from a local shelter – the first cat, the first pet, I had in 20 years!

So this is my journey of owning and being owned by cats, and to tell of the importance each one played in my life.


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