Antics of My Best Four-Legged Friend, Hazel

Traveling at Wits End has a weekly photo challenge, with this week’s theme Four-Legged Friends. 

I post a lot about my tortie, Hazel. Recently, I was able to catch her doing something a bit sneaky – my husband always lets her do this, while I prefer she doesn’t. So she knows I don’t like it and runs away as soon as she sees me. However, I finally caught her on camera!

She balances on the toilet seat…
…and drinks from the toilet (only if it’s clean water, of course)!
She prefers to drink from the upstairs toilet than from her very own kitty “fountain” with constantly running water!


Mr. Kitty

Bittersweet cat story from Sgeoil.


Mr. Kitty literally walked into our lives through a hedge. I never was a “cat person” but it was Mr. Kitty who turned that around.  I was away at a conference in Vancouver when I made my nightly call home. This is how the conversation went:

“Hi sweetie”

“Guess what Mommy, I have a kitten!!”


“I have a kitten!!”

“Put your Daddy on the phone.”

What does he mean, he has a kitten???!!!!

Two days later I returned. The kitten was still there. This is how the story of his arrival goes:

It was a stormy night, the kind where the rain is falling in sheets. Winston, our then dog, was outside barking and barking, which he never did. My husband went out to see what the racket was about and this teeny tiny kitten emerged from the hedge, sopping wet and stinking like rotten fish. He…

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RDP #72: Cat

The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is cat. Appropriate for a cat blog! I have already reblogged one of the cat stories written for this prompt.

A  few months ago, I started noticing a cinnamon colored cat sitting on the sidewalk about 3 houses down from mine.  She was extremely friendly: I would make a friendly cat noise and she would run to me and rub against me. When I petted her, she’d lay down on the sidewalk and roll around, getting little dirt flecks from the sidewalk on her fur.  She couldn’t get enough of my attention! I worried that she would follow me and she did at first, but I turned around and firmly told her, “No, kitty! Stay there!” and she did.20180507_160321She wears a collar, and from a tag on it I found out her name is Meredith. Up to that point, she had been just “Cinnamon” to me.20180507_160142Then I stopped seeing her and I wondered if something had happened to her. To my relief, about a week ago I saw her running across the street. I miss seeing her on my walks, though!

Learning From Our Cats

This is a beautiful story from a reluctant former cat owner. I was so touched by it that I decided to reblog it!

Help from Heaven

I really am more of a dog person, but when we lived in faculty housing in California, only cats were allowed. I was enduring chemotherapy for colon cancer, and a friend advised Douglas and me that having a pet would help reduce my stress levels, so we decided to follow their advice and get a cat.

When I met Douglas, he had a cat named Rudy, who, unfortunately, did not seem to like me, as every time I was around him, he hissed and then nipped me on the ankles. I must admit that I did not like Rudy, so I was somewhat hesitant to become a cat owner, because what if all cats hated me?

But I was game for a pet. Once at the shelter, we decided not to get kittens, as we both worked and had no time for training them. The problem came when I…

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Nurturing Thursday: Thought for August 2

Reblogged from Cee’s Photography.

Cee's Photography

I decided to play with along with Becca today and participate in her Nurturing Thursday.

For the Love of Challenges

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts.  So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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Quintessential Cat

Nancy Merrill has a weekly photo challenge: A Photo a Week. The theme this week is quintessential. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, quintessential means perfectly typical or representative of a particular kind of person or thing.

Here are some new pictures of Hazel, our quintessential cat!


Today, sitting on the coffee table. Maybe she’s checking the time on Dale’s cell phone!



Belly rub, perhaps?



This is CLEAN laundry – Hazel never gets into the laundry basket with dirty laundry!



We were donating several jackets to Goodwill, which we piled on a chair. Of course Hazel claimed the pile as her favorite sleeping spot!


Caturday Poem 4

Whimsical poem accompanying chillin’ out cats!

Rantings Of A Third Kind

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Caturday Poem

Happy with my kitty
So I wrote this little ditty
Why don’t you sing along
To the tune of this familiar song

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Purring on my lap
Sleepy kitty, happy kitty
Why don’t I too take a nap

My little ball of fur
Listening to you purr
Life is kind of a blur
But this is how I prefer

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